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Sustainable Ingredients
Excellent Protein Source
Heart Healthy Ingredients
GMO Free
100% Free of GMO Ingredients
~ Why Choose us? ~

We specialize in Plant-based foods.

 Our organization has more than 30 year experience working with Plat-based ingredients. 

We are highly experienced with plant-based proteins including:

  • Pear Protein Powder
  • Dry Textured Pea Protein
  •  Humid Textured Pea Protein
  • Meat analogs
  • Rice Protein
  • Fava bean protein
  • and other plant-based proteins.  
~ Team member ~

We have awesome plant-based product development team.

~ About us ~

We specialize in working with the plant-based foods

Plant-based Foods that are healthy nutritious and free of chemicals and unhealthy ingredients.

30 years of experience with plant-based proteins and ingredients. 


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